Pop Beauty

Pop Beauty – Twinkle

Wednesday, 8 December, 2010

Today was a grey and rainy day. I love days like this. It was beautiful. I had a glitter post all lined up because I wanted to cheer some people up. I ran out the door without even setting the time on the post, but wow…what a craptastic day I had to share. But before I do, let me preface the horrid day post with pretty pictures of glitter.

This is from Pop Beauty. It’s called Twinkle. Pay no attention to Twenty Nine on the picture – it seems that I totally misread it. Oh well.

Anyway, this is a crazy shiny shiny glitter glitter sparkle sparkle thing that I could not even capture. It’s crazy. It’s insane. It took forever and a day to dry…and it was 2 coats.

I bought it from this place where I had some of the rudest customer service next to Comcast…

Macro shot of the glitter.

So today, in an effort to make up for bad post Thanksgiving eating, I ate at a place called Pluto’s on Santana Row.

I was happily munching away on my salad, reading my iPhone and responding to texts and Twitter stuff.

“Do you see that girl at the next table?” *mumble mumble all in Tagalog (Filipino)*

I heard it. I’m Filipina. So I heard the next table totally gossiping. Not to be too obvious, I was about to look around, but then realized…there is no one else near the other table and mine. Were they talking about me?

Took a small glance over and could see/feel someone looking at me. The 3 girls at that table were gossiping and whispering. One girl stopped talking, while the other two moved on to other things – work, lack of boyfriends, etc.

I risked it and looked over at the table, just a quick glance because I pretended to be engrossed in my salad and my iPhone. One of the girls was staring at me. Like really staring at me. If you’re Filipino or are Asian, you know what I’m talking about – that “I don’t blink, I will stare you down until you look away” kind of stare. I thought it was my imagination, but over the course of several minutes I’d randomly look up and she’d be staring at me…it was a weird, dead eyed, “I HAVE NO SOUL” kind of stare. We made eye contact. It was creepy. I thought I was going to turn into stone.

Anyway, after 5 minutes, I had had enough. I looked at her and she was still staring. I went, “What?! What the hell are you staring at me for? What is your problem?”

She turned red and turned away and started talking in Tagalog to her friends…and she said the dreaded word, “tabatchoy” (sp?) while looking at me. Then I knew. For those who are not Filipino, that means fat. I know I’m a husky girl. But for a total stranger to gossip about me in another language as if I am ignorant and won’t understand wasn’t cool. Plus, no hoity toity bee–atch is going to get away with it…and I laid into her.

“What the hell have I done to deserve you talking about me the way you are doing right now? You don’t hear me poking fun of you and your thick ass accent. You don’t see me poking fun at your buckteeth. Most of all, you don’t see me poking fun at your dark ass skin,” gasps from her friends. I swear it was a clutch-the-pearls kind of moment when I called her dark. That elicited even louder gasps from her friends. For my Filipino friends and family, you know being called dark is one of the worst insults you could ever say to one another. I won’t lie, but that girl was hella dark. So I knew at least one of my verbal missiles made a direct hit.

I had committed the cardinal sin – I called her dark. I basically called her a FOB (Fresh off the boat). They scampered off pretty quickly, but come on…that was unprovoked.

Then I felt guilty. Guilt because my mom has an accent. So do my relatives. I just set back their achievements in one fell swoop with a derogatory statement that I made. I made that statement to that vile hag deliberately. I wanted to hurt her as much as she hurt me. I hit out at the only way possible because physical harm would’ve gotten me into heaps of trouble.

Anyway, I left the place soon after. Lunch was spoiled. I kept an eye out as I went to my car because I don’t trust three angry Filipinas. I got into my car, drove around the corner and promptly bawled my eyes out for a good fifteen minutes. Chalked it up to a lesson learned, dusted myself off mentally and went on about the errands I had to get done today. But it kind of put a big pall on what should’ve been a good day.

I’m still smarting from having such an encounter. I talked to my mother about what happened and she said, “Why is it Filipinos do that the moment they come to this country? They put on attitudes and act like they’re better than everyone else. They get so mean and rude!”

Nice to see the holidays are gearing up in full, bitchy swing.