Disappointment abounds…

Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

As some, all, or none of you know, OPI was/will be purchased by cosmetics giant Coty.

While it’s great for OPI and they’ve made a profit for themselves, it’s a big step backwards for me. I’m saddened and disappointed by this move. It was, after all, OPI that brought back my love of nail polish years ago with their French Collection.

While some people decry the move due to Coty’s policy on animal testing – they do test on animals, whether we like it or not – I, for one, find that OPI is no longer that cool, independent business I love supporting. I stuck through with OPI when they went after etailers, but I can’t support them in this. I’m saddened that OPI is no longer on my swatching list since it was OPI that I’ve loved back in the early 90s…and it was OPI that brought my love of nail polish back just a handful of years ago. I will swatch the last of my Swiss Collection and I will keep swatching some of their collections because it pre-dates the Coty purchase. The Katy Perry and Serena Williams lines being the last two I will do of OPI.

I didn’t make this decision lightly. I’m a huge fan of smaller businesses. While I’m glad OPI has made money for themselves and I certainly congratulate them on their success, I won’t be lining Coty’s pockets any time soon.

Take care, OPI. I’ll be loving your colors from afar when they’re under the Coty umbrella.

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