MAC Cosmetics – Rain of Flowers

Thursday, 30 September, 2010

This color was another one that I was looking forward to when I first heard about MAC’s fall 2010 collection which they called Nail Trend. I don’t know if it’s really a trend…nor do I know if it’s really a collection I’m pleased with. I’m a creme kind of girl and I was hoping for one stand out, much like last year’s much beloved (by me!) Dry Martini. I regret not getting a back-up bottle of that. I’m just grateful I got a bottle.

Anyway, this color was so promising in the bottle. But in the back of my mind, I kept hearing, “OPI did it better with Russian Navy…OPI did it better with Russian Navy…” And ya know what? OPI did it better with Russian Navy.

The one thing that MAC got right over OPI was the formula. It wasn’t a pain to deal with. If anything, it made me really sad because the formula was so wonderful while the color itself was kind of…meh and uninspiring.

From far away (and at night) the color looks like a dark creme.  Even in fairly direct lighting, it still looks like a dark creme. Heck, even in my pictures it looks like a dark creme that had some glitter spilled into it purely by accident.

Please overlook the tip wear – it’s going on…day three (I believe) in the picture.

*cough* very OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, don’t you think?

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