Chanel – Paradoxal – update

Friday, 13 August, 2010

I decided to try Paradoxal for a week…it was very hard for me to not change the colors. I had originally worn it because when we went to Texas, I wanted a super awesome color. It was super awesome – I got many compliments on it.

Less than 24 hours after putting on the polish, the color chipped on the right hand – the pinky and the ring finger. It was marginal chipping and I honestly believed that it would just get worse. I was concerned that I would have mega ghetto nails after 48 hours. Such was not the case.

I took the picture exactly one week after application. I like to think it was the awesome base coat that I used (Hello, Nubar!) and the top coat (Posche, fast drying) that helped contribute to the longevity of the manicure.

Not bad after 7 days, right? It could’ve been much, much worse.

Revlon - Rock and Chanel - Paradoxal
Chanel - Paradoxal