Chanel – Paradoxal

Friday, 6 August, 2010

Happy Friday! I had to end the week on a color that makes me happy…

I received this for my birthday after I played with it in Nordstrom a few weeks ago. I wanted this color. Seriously obsessed over this color. Thought I would DIE if I didn’t get this color. Was seriously going to maim the person closest to me if I didn’t get this color.

I got it and … this formula is perfect. Much better than previous Chanels. It didn’t bubble, it dried fast and…it’s so me. I’ve made no secret that my first true nail polish crush came about 15 years ago with Chanel’s Rouge Noir (aka Vamp) and Brown Sugar. I seriously could not get enough of those colors…and then they were discontinued.

Here we are again and I want to have a back up bottle of this shade…I am going to wear this until the bottle no longer has polish in it! This color is something that spoke to me and I hate the thought of spending $23 on a bottle of polish when I can purchase so many more brands that are historically better in their formulas than Chanel.

Ok, I’ll shut up and just show you the fabulousness of this color.

Just a reminder – to see the complete full size of this picture, click on the thumbnail below. It will take you to a bigger version of this picture. Click on that bigger version and then BAM! Full size pic…you can click on that again, too, because it will make it slightly bigger and that is the original size.

Gorgeous, rich color in the shade…

Beautiful purple/red shimmer in the sun!

This color delivers and I hope you are able to snag a bottle – it’s well worth the hefty price tag.

Chanel - Paradoxal - update
Chanel - Pirate