BB Couture – Horned Devil

Tuesday, 3 August, 2010

I loved this color. In the bottle.

I complained about a color by China Glaze (Strawberry Fields) that aged me and freaked me out to no end because it really made me look like crazy old South Beach, FL, lady. This had a similar effect, but I felt it was Los Angeles, CA, old lady. I kid you not, I swear that this color brought out every single line and never-seen-before line out in my hands. My hands looked wrinkled. Decrepit. LEATHERY. Leathery. Seriously. How does that happen?

Pity the color sucked on me because application was flawless – it’s a jelly base flecked with fine silver glitter. The glitter isn’t so abundant that it overpowers the polish. It is distributed evenly with the brush strokes. I did two coats. See the pictures below!

I think the shade shot is much prettier than the sunlight. It got washed out. 🙁

BB Couture - Signs of Spring
BB Couture For Men - Universal Joint