StrangeBeautiful Volume I

StrangeBeautiful – Red, Volume I

Monday, 14 June, 2010

This shade of red is…flawless. I rarely wear red nail polish because…well, um. Because. I have no excuse now. Actually, let me clarify – I do wear red nail polish. Just not OPI. There we go. I’m a bit tired of OPI always having some shade of red in their collection. I was pleased that OPI didn’t have it in their Shrek Forever After or Flutter collections.

Jane Schub doesn’t give nail polish color names. Instead, she tends to tell you what her influences were when she produced the color. In this instance, it’s a red Valentine Typewriter. In case you do not know what she’s referencing, here is a link to it.

It’s a beautiful red. It’s shiny. It’s pretty and looks fabulous on me. Formula was great – quick drying and opaque. Two coats were needed. Woo hoo!


Strange Beautiful - Puce - Volume I
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