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Nubar – Moonshadow

Tuesday, 26 October, 2010

I loved this color in the bottle. It promised great splashes of duo chrome-y goodness. I was disappointed that the duo chrome was so tame. I have Nubar’s Wild Life and that sucka throws off so much goodness I tend to get mesmerized by it when I wear it!

Nonetheless, this polish is beautiful…and I’d recommend it to anyone because it is a gorgeous purple in its own right. Please excuse tip wear – I had been wearing this color for a few days before I snapped the pics. Furthermore, I apologize for the misspelling of Moonshadow on the pics. I had done this a while ago and had thrown away the .psd for it.

It looks raspberry-ish in this shot, but it’s really a lovely purple.

Extreme shot and angle of MS to get the duochrome.

Hai, sun. You washed out the duo chrome!

Nubar – Iris Dust

Monday, 25 October, 2010

I wanted something happy for the gray rainy days we’ve been having…and this epitomizes warm weather and sunlight to me. Iris Dust is this crazy duochrome thing where it’s kind of a raspberry, then it has flashes of orange/bronze in it. The sunlight shot definitely washed out whatever duochrome goodness may have been going on, but the shade shots definitely caught them. This really is just one bottle of nail polish!

Not sure when this came out, but I happened to find it while browsing the duo chrome section on Nubar’s site.

Formula was a bit on the thin side and I had to do three coats to get it opaque because I didn’t think this was a sheer color.

OPI Tease-y Does It vs Nubar Raspberry Truffle

Tuesday, 12 October, 2010

Got my Burlesque glitters. Got the rest of the Burlesque collection, too. I was thrilled because OPI really outdid themselves on the glitter collection for Christmas 2010. I hate glitter, but I had to have these. Anyway, the one color that really had me holding my breath was Tease-y Does It.

I was so happy to have finally been able to put Tease-y Does It on my nails. It looked totally gorgeous in the bottle, but in the back of my mind a tiny voice was saying, “You have something like this…You have something like this…”

I was like, “Shut up. Shut up. No, I don’t.” Conversations with yourself really doesn’t bode well, but at least I wasn’t talking out loud.

Then I started doing a re-org of my 2 Helmers (I am going to need a 3rd now, btw) and started a drawer for Nubar…What is this? Raspberry Truffle? It looks like…No, it can’t be. Ce n’est pas vrai! Non. Mais oui, mes amies. Mais oui.

I actually dare to call OPI’s Tease-y Does It a dupe for Nubar’s Raspberry Truffle.

Don’t weep if you can’t get Tease-y Does It. Nubar still has Raspberry Truffle on their site.

OPI’s formula was the winner of the two. While both were easy to apply with no problems, RT tended to take about five minutes longer to dry than TDI.

Check out the dupeness for yourself – RT is on the pointer and pinky while TDI is on the ring and middle fingers.


Nubar – Citadel

Wednesday, 1 September, 2010

Let me state, for the record…Right here, right now…how much I love grey nail polish. I love it so much, yet it won’t (or can’t) love me back.

See below for the horrific evidence.

Nubar nailed it very well with the formula – opaque in two very thin coats. Fast drying, too.

Orly – Space Cadet

Monday, 23 August, 2010

I am the first to admit that it takes a lot to wow me…especially in the nail polish department. I rarely swoon. It’s just how I am. It’s not that I’m jaded, it’s just that I’m truly fortunate to be able to have a great collection. Plus, I’m a huge fan of cremes. If I ever turn my head on glitters or shimmers, it really has to be a stand out.

Fall 2010 is that collection for Orly…well, this one is – Space Cadet.

Where can I even begin? I was rendered speechless on the first coat. Then on the second? I just could not stop staring. The color change, the glitter, the glitz oh my!

The formula was really one that I think a lot of polishes should strive for if they’re going to do something like this – fast drying and easy to work with. I did 3 coats because I was really curious to see how it would look past 2 and it really was just flat out gorgeous. I didn’t need a third coat. It was like gilding the lily.

Ok, I’ll stop raving and just show you the mother lode of pictures I took.

Small note – I honestly thought that this was close to a Nubar shade called Wildlife…Wildlife is this awesome duochrome color that is gorgeous in and of itself and I felt that Space Cadet is the pumped up rocker chick sister version of it.

Pic spam commences…NAO!

What wasn’t conveyed in the sunlight shot was this freaking AWESOME play of black and pink/purple glitter. It was really hard to capture.

Nubar’s Wildlife is below – the shade shots of Space Cadet above is what made me think of this color.

Nubar – Barricade (Fortress Collection 2010)

Thursday, 12 August, 2010

Part of the Fortress Collection by Nubar, I was excited by the prospect of these grays. Sadly, I really wish gray could/would work on me…it doesn’t. I look washed out and a bit sad and I refuse to try and rock it when the colors don’t even go well with my complexion.

Formula: Fast drying and opaque with minimal fuss, this went on quickly and easily with little to no cuticle pull. I really wish a lot of nail polish manufacturers could be on the ball like that.

Nubar – Dark Castle – Fortress Collection, Spring 2010

Thursday, 8 July, 2010

I’m back in action…with pictures that I had taken almost 2 months ago. Sorry!

This is Nubar’s Fortress Collection from Spring 2010. While I love the names and the application of the polish this collection left me a bit underwhelmed. Even the one I had anticipated, Knight’s Armor, didn’t make me go squeeeee like I had hoped.

I apologize in advance for the bad application of nail polish – I was too excited and it really shows.

This wasn’t a harsh black, but more of a mellow black with a subtle silver shimmer through it. It appears grey in the bottle but when on me it looked a bit more like charcoal. I think the sun really washed out the potential but if you look at the shade shot it best represents the color.

Once I edit the other shots I’ll be posting them as soon as possible. I’m happy to be back in the loop!

Nubar – Twilight and Sunset – Night Sky Collection – Spring/Summer 2010

Friday, 4 June, 2010

Finally! As promised the rest of the collection…you know, a whole 2 polishes.

Attention: Nail tape newbie strikes again! yes, another epic fail on my part. But I do get credit for trying, right? 🙂 Also, I used the Diamond Top Coat that came with the polishes. It said it would be shiny…and it wasn’t. You’ll see in the pics. Also, I don’t have another Twilight shot because…I deleted it in my attempt to multi-task – you know, book plane tickets, pay bills and run some pics through Photoshop. I learned my lesson, I promise!

Anyway, the formulas dried fast, but I still wasn’t thrilled with them. I guess I’m hard to please? I feel like I’ve seen these colors before and I have – they are Orly’s Metal Goth collection. Sorry, Nubar…I wasn’t impressed with this collection.

Nail tape n00b alert! See? But you can’t really see the shine, can you?

This was sort of matte, sort of shiny…and the top coat wasn’t super shiny and you can see it on my ring and middle finger. I tried to leave the pointer and pinkie finger as a matte.