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China Glaze – Hey Doll

Tuesday, 8 March, 2011

I got this collection last year – all 12 colors and I have been going through them so slowly…this is from China Glaze’s Fall 2010 collection called Vintage Vixen. I wish I could tell you why it’s taken me forever to go through them, but I can’t.

At any rate, this is what I have on offer for you!

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Tiny Moan…

Tuesday, 1 March, 2011

I’m quite irritated. I had back at Then I moved it here to

I guess I’m really upset with the fact that I lost my site hits in the re-direct. Before I did a to re-direct, I had 53,000 unique hits on my site in the past year. While I know it’s not anything spectacular for some people, it really did mean a bit to me. Now I have to restart…from zero.

Oh well. I hope I get a lot of visitors this year.



Write it down already!

Monday, 28 February, 2011

So this entry came in the form of someone I follow on Twitter. She’s a fellow Filipina who lives in the Bay Area and is also a Yelper like me.

As some or all of you know, I love fountain pens. I love pen and paper. I love putting pen to paper. When I saw this over at Brownbugz’s blog, I knew right then and there I had to do it here, too!

I can’t find my pretty stationary paper. I actually do use notebook paper, but it’s Clairefontaine notebooks. There is something so wonderful about that paper that makes my fountain pen and inks I use flow so gorgeously. It doesn’t hinder or hamper my writing in any way. That’s why I spend a fortune on the notebooks themselves – because I write a lot and I’ve got to have it done right.

Anyway, check out my penmanship behind the jump!

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Rescue Beauty Lounge – Dear Ji

Monday, 31 January, 2011

Dear Ji,

You must have a sixth sense when it comes to payday for me…You timed this email perfectly so it landed in my inbox on a Monday and payday was this past Friday. It’s happened with several pre-orders, come to think of it…

Cheeky, crafty girl. I ordered mine.

Hope the rest of you girlies do, too!


Carinae L’étoile



Monday, 31 January, 2011

What would Carinae do?

I’ve been getting emails from my friends who have jumped on my little nail polish bandwagon. They want to know what I use for my base coat and top coat and why have I chosen those particular ones…

So, here we go! 🙂

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