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Delush Polish The Priestess

Monday, 25 April, 2016
Delush Polish The Priestess

Delush Polish The Priestess is part of the Game of Thrones inspired collection called Dames of Thrones.

When I first came across Delush Polish The Priestess in the collection, I overlooked it. The light wasn’t hitting it right and it looked like this dull, purple/brown polish that didn’t seem appealing in the slightest. Then one day months later, I was looking at the polish again, with clear, good light. Goodness! How on earth did I not let this beauty ever grace my nails?

I had to remedy that issue – stat! So there was Delush Polish The Priestess, on my nails. I was swooning over the color because while the initial reaction of purple/brown was correct, it was this perfect melding of the two, making Delush Polish The Priestess such a truly rich and complex color that I love having on my nails. To make it even more gorgeous, there is a chunky gold-bronze glitter thrown in for good measure.

Like The Priestess in Game of Thrones, this color is moody and broody.

Taken from Delush Polish’s Facebook’s Store page, “A deep, vampy maroon jelly with an alluring blend of holographic gold glitters, large dots and a dusting of glistening flakies that is sure to lure you in.”

Lure me in it has! This has become one of my go-to polishes. I do believe I need a back-up of this.

Enough swooning and on with the pictures. It’s what you’re here for, right?

Come check out Delush Polish’s Facebook page to purchase this at $8.95 for a full 15mL bottle.

Just a note – I haven’t taken pictures of my nails in such a long time that I need to practice with my camera. So please excuse any slight blurriness, etc. I figured out what I’ve done wrong and now will work to make it all good again.

Delush Polish The Priestess.

Delush Polish The Priestess.

Delush Polish The PriestessJust for fun I decided to slap a matte top coat on this bad girl.

Delush Polish The Priestess.

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