Joyluscious Click Clack Moo

Friday, 2 November, 2012
Joyluscious Click Clack Moo

I happened to come across Joyluscious Click Clack Moo at my new haunt called San Jose Beauty Supply. Have you been? No? If you live in the Bay Area, it’s a must.

Plus, they sell NFU Oh for $9.99 a bottle – much better than paying $12.50 online + shipping, wouldn’t you agree?!

Anyway, Joyluscious Click Clack Moo is this black and white glitter with some fine silver sparkle thrown in to break up the black and white. I visited Joyluscious’s blog to get the lowdown on this particular polish. Plus, she’s local – how could I not check her out?!

Joyluscious Click Clack Moo is chock full of black and white hexagonal glitter coupled with smaller white stick glitter with fine silver glitter to make it sparkle.

From what I can glean from her blog, this is her first attempt at a franken. It’s a bit thick and gloopy. It takes a while to dry. When it dries, it dries lumpy. The glitter doesn’t come out as smoothly as I’d like. It doesn’t dispense as evenly, either. However, I’m happy that this polish didn’t do a taco on me. It also reminds me of Lynnderella’s Connect the Dots. It’s a fun nail polish  Joyluscious Click Clack Moo is. I’m glad I purchased the bigger bottle because I can see myself playing with this polish over many different colors.

I hope Joyluscious is able to work out the kinks when she makes future bottles…if she makes future bottles. I’ll be keeping an eye out for her other offerings. I also purchased a holographic polish from her, but in a smaller bottle. I’ll be swatching that soon, too!

Click Clack Moo is layered over Nails Inc Baker Street. Click Clack Moo is three coats.

In the meantime, right click to see the image in its original size.

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Joyluscious Click Clack Moo

Joyluscious Click Clack Moo – shade


Joyluscious Click Clack Moo

Joyluscious Click Clack Moo – sun


Joyluscious Click Clack Moo

Joyluscious Click Clack Moo – flash


Joyluscious Click Clack Moo

Joyluscious Click Clack Moo – label with glitter