Illamasqua – Radium

Tuesday, 3 May, 2011

I am a serious Illamasqua fan girl. Like I love the nail polish and the make-up. When I saw some of the colors from their Toxic Nature Spring/Summer 2011 collection, I had vague doubts. But I love that Illamasqua appeals to the drama girl in me, right down to the packaging. If this color doesn’t entice you to try Illamasqua, I don’t know what will.

I love Shrek-y colors like this. Not quite electric or neon. Not quite yellow or green, but an odd shade of the two to make it stand out. I have seen this color before and it was in a Shrek Limited Edition release by a certain nail polish brand.

As always, click the thumbnails to make them bigger, then click on the original size it gives in dimensions…and then when you hover over the picture, your mouse pointer should turn into a magnifying glass. Click for the final time and voila, full sized picture of bad cuticles and bad paint job. It’s ok, I’ve come to accept the fact I will never have pretty nail beds. I can live with it.

I am so bummed because the pretty frosty white shimmer you see in the bottle wasn’t captured on film. However, it’s noticeable in real life and it brings a certain amount of depth to the color that makes me want to keep wearing this until I run out. Note to self: get a back-up bottle of this color because I LOVE IT!! Love it so much, I’ll even do jazz hands. Yea, I’m a nerd. Whatevs.

Oh! You can see the shimmer in this shot but the sun somehow manages to dull it out on my nails. It’s still very noticeable on my nails, though.

Overall, this color is one I like because this is my second bottle of this shade. Formula dried quickly and was fairly opaque in two fairly medium-to-thick coats. Formula was just right.

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