Rescue Beauty Lounge 50% Sale

Friday, 29 October, 2010

This came to me by email:

Whatever am I thinking?

Last year’s 5-hour 50% off sale resulted in literally thousands of orders, 10 straight days of round-the-clock packing and shipping (during a blizzard, no less!), employees threatening mutiny and more than enough frantic emails to short-circuit the Apple store.

So why am I preparing to go through this all over again, beginning at 11:00 am – 4:00 pm on November 1, 2010 EST.

Why, because I love you, my crazy polish-heads. I swear, this will be the only time you ever catch me in sneakers, just to keep up with the demand

But I do ask that you follow my glamorous Do’s and Don’ts…

  1. Do stock up on your favorite Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes and body products (you asked, we listened!). And while you may purchase the new Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty colors, they will NOT be marked down during the sale.
  2. Don’t be fooled by a stray “Free Shipping” banner you may spy on the site. During this special event, you will be charged for shipping. C’mon, I’m already giving you a 50% discount!
  3. Do double-check your order before you purchase. We cannot edit, change or combine orders. And don’t go looking for the “customer notes” on your order form. It does not exist during the mayhem that is this sale.
  4. Do a practice run a few days before the sale to make sure you have the correct email address and log-in information and get familiar with how the site works. Don’t leave anything in your basket as they will be emptied a minute before the sale so we will have an accurate inventory of what is in stock.
  5. Don’t call us (or show up at the door). If you must email us, please do so ONLY to and not to any other email addresses. We’ll post something on our Facebook page if there are any technical difficulties. Do feel free to leave any raves there too.
  6. Do make a wish-list ahead of time along with some alternatives in case something is sold out.
  7. Don’t beg, plead or wheedle. Sold out means just that—we don’t have a secret stash in the back room.
  8. Do be patient with deliveries. We ship on a first come, first served basis. Allow approximately 10 to 15 business days for domestic orders, and 20-30 for international before you get panicked. (Again, check our facebook page for frequent updates). If you really need your “Frugalista” in a hurry, choose overnight or 2nd day shipping.
  9. Don’t forget that Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes make amazing holiday gifts. Stock up on stocking stuffers!
  10. Do check back during the sale as some shoppers will fill their baskets in a frenzy but not buy everything. Don’t hoard if you have no intension of purchasing everything in your basket.
  11. Don’t forget to use (FIFTYOFF) at checkout, otherwise you will NOT get the 50% discount.
  12. Do have your MasterCard, Visa or American Express card warmed up and ready to go!

That should do it! Now I’m off to bribe (lie to) my wary employees with promises of trips to Bali, holiday bonuses redeemable at Harry Winston, and rumors that packing boxes for hours on end actually eliminates wrinkles and reduces cellulite.

I’ve gotta go rest up.

As always, Ji

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