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Ginger & Liz

Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

I’ve been waiting for a shipment of nail polish to come in from a new company called Ginger & Liz – and it’s finally arrived…pity a bottle (Tough Luxe) got broken in transit and it spilled everywhere, but the colors that did make it are fabulous! Tough Luxe sure looked pretty enough all over the inside of the packaging and on the other bottles. I was finally able to clean off the broken bottle’s contents off the remaining shipment…and what a treasure, indeed.

I was so excited I had to share. So much for putting up a green nail polish in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Guess that’ll happen tomorrow because for now it’s all about Ginger & Liz, my new nail polish crush.

I’m going gray, baby!

Ginger & Liz – remember those names because the colors and application will rock your world. I love the wax coat finish on Gray Area and I’ve got to bust out with Royal Flush now. The finish is awesome – it’s not super shiny and it’s not like other mattes out there – this is a wonderful compromise that reminds me of candle wax. It’s a nice dull shine! I only needed 2 thin applications of the prettiness.

Check it out below. 🙂

Barielle Swatches

Tuesday, 9 March, 2010

More swatches of Barielle swatches…absolutely gorgeous!

So I love this shade of blue…but I’m telling you, this copper glitter totally mars it. I think this color could’ve been much much prettier without that odd color of glitter thrown in, don’t you? IMO, this would’ve been the perfect shade of blue ever on the face of the earth…aside from that awful shade of copper. Then again, I guess there is a reason it’s called Falling Star.

Now this is an awesome shade of green…I love that it’s got a lovely shimmery sheen running through it. It keeps it on the cooler side of warm. I love it!