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L’oreal – Femme Noir

Friday, 17 September, 2010

Happy Friday! You know what that means – it’s Red Nail Polish Friday and this is an offering I have for you…

Part of L’oreal’s Fall 2010 Limited Edition Collection (I believe it’s part of Fashion Week, but I grabbed these off the display and ran before taking a picture).

Formula was easy to work with and dried quickly.

It’s a lovely dark red that looks vampy in the shade, but in the sunlight it shimmers beautifully. I did my best to capture the prettiness and I think I did a decent job. What do you think?

L’oreal – Luminescence

Thursday, 16 September, 2010

This is a gorgeous purple, but I’ve seen it before. While I like having it, I was hoping for something a bit more…than just a dark nail polish with purple shimmer. But it’s still a yummy, plummy purple.

Luminescence is part of L’oreal’s Limited Fall 2010 Collection.

Formula was good and dried quickly. I had no problems with application and the brush was fine.

See below.

Obligatory label shot. 😀

L’oreal – Delicate Dusk

Wednesday, 15 September, 2010

Part of the Limited Edition Color of Hope for Fall 2010, this color was gorgeous. I had no problems with application.

It’s a gorgeous light dusky purple/violet. I had to have it – even if it it is L’oreal.

So perty! 🙂