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Chanel – Les Khakis

Wednesday, 13 October, 2010

I was trying to play around with these colors. I am apologizing for my mega n00b attempt at nail art. I can add these to my epic fail manicures. 😀

This is why I just paint my nails and not attempt anything else.

I was surprised – this formula was like butta. It took a smidge longer to to dry but I suspect it was my ‘nail art’ that really made it take forever and a day to dry. After all the lemmings for Khaki Vert, I found I preferred Khaki Brun with my skin tone. In the end it was Khaki Brun that really looked green on me. I’m not slamming Khaki Vert because I did like how it looked on me as well, but for me it was Khaki Brun that was the star of the show. Khaki Rose was a bit…meh. It didn’t really look all that wonderful on me.

These were a hefty price to pay – $25 each. I am sure there are dupes/polishes that are similar out there to keep your wallet from screaming in pain.


Please pardon the lack of clean up and the dry cuticles. I wasn’t expecting to take a picture of my right hand but decided to at the last minute.