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Nars – Zulu

Monday, 11 October, 2010

I had been wanting Zulu for a long, long time. But not for $100+ price tag I had seen on eBay. I wasn’t willing to pay $39.99 for it when I last looked. Why do that when I could wait 2 months and get it for under $20?

It was worth the wait. I don’t know how the original Zulu compares to the re-release, but I do love this version.

Drying time was a little slow, but 2 coats and this baby was lovely and luscious – a deep green, but not like OPI’s Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow. I felt like this was almost like a jelly, but the finish was so creme-y that I couldn’t make up my mind!

Absolutely fabulous and worth every penny. I ordered this online at along with 5 other colors from their retro collection. I can’t wait to show them to you. However, for now…here is Zulu!




Deborah Lippmann – Bad Romance and Bad Romance v China Glaze’s Mummy May I

Tuesday, 28 September, 2010

I won’t go busting into a rendition of Bad Romance for you. I will show you pictures instead.

Deborah Lippmann’s formula was a bit more jelly-like than China Glaze’s. However, in three coats BR was a bit more opaque and darker, coming across more on the black side than a jelly. China Glaze’s came off as a dark brown. The colors of the purple glitter are similar, but BR has the awesome hexagonal shapes while MMI has plain circles.

Good news on both colors? Fast drying. No jacked up brushes. However, both were three coaters because I didn’t get the initial color I wanted.

Picture spam begins now…


Both of these applications were three coats.

NFU Oh 50

Wednesday, 8 September, 2010

Like all of the NFU Ohs I have, I definitely like this. It’s very mild and you can see on my nails just how sheer this is. It’s like a sheer magenta jelly with big iridescent flakes thrown in for good measure. Definitely a color I would use for layering…I may have to swatch it later and show you! 🙂

BB Couture

BB Couture – Love Bug

Tuesday, 31 August, 2010

This delicate, lovely glittery color needs a delicate, lovely skin tone to match…and it’s not me. My skin tone needs some harsh colors in order for it to look flattering. Very rarely do I luck out and find pinks/beiges/neutrals that look good on me. Usually it’s blue, green, black…you get my drift.

What was a lovely color in the bottle was transformed into…something so hideous on me I had a hard time believing it was actually the same color! That’s my problem – I fall in love with these colors in the bottle and I throw caution into the wind thinking, “Maybe just this once, this color will look so good on me…” *sigh* Such is not the case.

Formula was flawless – 2 coats and in under 10 minutes this was dry and no bubbles. How can you go wrong with that? You can have my skin tone. That’s how.

Anyway, enough of my angry bitterness about my skin tone and on to the pretty nail polish!

NFU Oh – 55

Monday, 30 August, 2010

I swear to you…my NFU Oh stash is almost gone. I have lofty goals to add more, though. 😉 You know you love me.

This is a green that I like to use over some colors. It’s sheer and you may have seen me use it over a color in a swatch I did a while back. I’d link it, but I am feeling too lazy to cut and paste. It’s a little after midnight here and momma’s off to bed!

Hope you like this magical green…Happy Monday!

This shade shot makes me vaguely think of St. Patrick’s Day – what do you think?

BB Couture

BB Couture – Man Bug

Thursday, 26 August, 2010

I love the colors and the collections of BB Couture and BB Couture for Men, but I seem to be having issues with their formula…maybe I got a bad batch, but for the most part it’s been streaky and frankly, not full of love for me.

I thought this color would be opaque within 3 coats. As you can see, it’s a hot streaky mess. This felt more like a jelly than anything else and judging from the coverage, I’d say it was meant to be one as well. Had I known and realized it, I’d have actually worked around it.

The one plus side? It dried fast.

Out of all the BB Coutures I’ve swatched, this is by far the least favorite of mine.

BB Couture – Daisy Dweller

Wednesday, 11 August, 2010

This shade is prime example of why I should never even attempt to wear yellow…yellow girls and yellow nail polish don’t mix. Let me be more specific, yellow girls who have my skin tone/shade really have no business wearing yellow polish of any kind. That’s my opinion.

I bought this (and I normally would never willingly buy yellow polish, by the way) because it was such a pretty yellow in the bottle. It still is. However, someway, somehow my skin tone has managed to mangle and make this color look so pathetically awful on me.

Formula: a bit on the runny side so I tried to make up for it to get an opaque shade…using 3 very heavy handed coats. It’s why you will see bubbling on the ring finger. Oops. My bad. I love how BB Couture’s polish dries quickly and this was no exception – barring my ring finger, of course. 😉

NFU Oh #59

Wednesday, 21 April, 2010
NFU Oh 59

*purrs* Hello, lover!

This color is truly something that you’ve got to see to believe. The pictures don’t even do it justice. First off, it’s a deeper, darker color in person. Second, it really sparkles and pops, if you get the chance to see it firsthand. I am tempted to say this almost outshines #51 and #52, not quite but it really does give the two colors a good run for their money.

Look at the flashes of orange and green glitter!

Unfortunately, the sunlight totally washed out the shot, but I was also working with limited time, too. It was about to start raining and it was an extremely brief patch of sun. The shade shot definitely got the best of the two!