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Thursday, 10 March, 2011



I know I didn’t post anything on Wednesday. I honestly had every intention of doing so, but I got distracted by a game Mr Carinae brought home the night before. It’s called Dragon Age 2. I’m not a big RPG player on a console. I’m an MMORPG kind of girl, but an old school MMORPG – EverQuest. Yea, I went there. It’s how I roll. I played the beta on FB for Dragon Age Legends because…well, Mr Carinae persuaded me to. Got my beta key and was on my way. So anyway, it’s how I got into playing DA2. I’m fumbling with the console for the xBox because I’m so used to gaming on my PC. I will stop with my nerdy self now before I really bore you  all with my totally useless knowledge.

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