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Sally Hansen – Fairy Teal

Monday, 16 August, 2010

I had to give this a shot…I had done Yellow Kitty and that formula was pewp. It took more than 3 coats to get it remotely opaque so I was worried this would be the same.

It’s not.

It’s better in coverage, but still bad in dry time. You can find it on the shelves at Walgreens, CVS, etc. I can’t really say much, but you can check out the color below.

Nail Polish nail polish swatch nail polish swatches Rescue Beauty Lounge sally hansen

Difficult Formulas I've Used – Rescue Beauty Lounge and Sally Hansen

Sunday, 21 March, 2010

These were colors that people said were so cute – you must try them! and I did…much to my horror and chagrin. I actually did 4 coats of each of the polishes below before I called it a day.

Both were a bit like jelly – and it shows in the application for me. I’ve looked at other people’s swatches of these colors and am jealous that they’ve turned out so well. Maybe it was me. 🙁 Anyway, here they are.

How awful can this application have been on me?! To make it worse, I had grabbed the wrong top coat (I have 2 of the same, but I reserve one for dark colors and another for light colors) and now you can see the red from an old cold color I had worn a few days prior. I had so much trouble with this formula. I reached the 4th coat phase and said with much grace and dignity, “F*** it. I’m done.” To make matters worse, the formula took AGES to dry. 4 top coats later – and they weren’t even thick coats, fairly thin – they were barely dry enough to put the top coat on so I could photograph them. The formula was pretty sticky, too. ugh. I like sticky in my base coats, not my nail polish, ok?

This was another color I had issues with, but not as bad as I did with Rescue Beauty Lounge. This is a 3 coater…and it annoyed me, too. This color actually didn’t look bad on me either…despite it being a yellow. I admit to buying it purely for the name – Yellow Kitty. I kept thinking Hello Kitty and giggling to myself.

arabian night commander in chic done out in deco drugstore polishes marine blue Nail Polish nail polish swatches OPI revlon rimmel sally hansen scheming street wear

Drugstore Stuffs

Thursday, 11 February, 2010

10 February, 2010
So I made a trip to the drugstore and my friend also sent me some drugstore polishes…
I also did a comparison of OPI’s Done Out In Deco and Rimmel’s Commander in Chic.
Index and Pinkie: OPI’s Done Out In Deco
Middle and Ring: Rimmel’s Commander in Chic
I love mushroom-y taupe-y colors and was thrilled when I saw Commander In Chic. It cost $3.99 and was well worth it. It’s not breaking the bank, but I know some people have issues with paying more than 99 cents for a bottle of nail polish. I don’t know why I thought CIC was similar to OPI’s Done Out In Deco, but I put whatever it was I was smoking down and saw it all clearly. I’ll have to compare OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacque with CIC and see how it stacks against it each other.

Street Wear by Revlon: Scheming
I was so surprised that I really liked this color…I mean really liked this color. There are little gold sparks that show up when in direct sunlight. Application was mega easy and dried quickly. Pity this line was discontinued.
Rimmel’s Marine Blue
These types of shades always reminds me of the ocean…I know it’s meant to, but I love colors like these. It’s a pity they don’t look good on me, though. Ugh. I am going to be sending this color to my friend Lauryn.
Sally Hansen’s Arabian Night
A gorgeous purple polish with some rockin’ gold glitter to break up the purpleness. To be honest, I think the purple would’ve been really pretty without the gold glitter. Nonetheless, it’s still a gorgeous polish all together…pity it’s a real pain in the butt to remove thanks to the glitter. Not as bad as China Glaze’s Dorothy Who? in removal, but darn close!