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Comparison: Ginger & Liz’s Trance vs Color Club’s Revvvolution

Tuesday, 15 March, 2011

On Saturday I happened to catch a tweet from Jeanette over at The Swatchaholic and she was talking about a brand’s color that was holographic. I no longer feature that brand on my blog, but I happened to have 2 bottles of said color she was tweeting about.

I went home and compared the 2 and discovered that I did not have the HTF version of that color. After much picture taking from every angle in daylight, shade and flash I gave up. To cheer myself up, I decided to compare two holographic polishes from two lines: Ginger & Liz (whom I have so much love for) and Color Club.


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Ginger & Liz Who’s The Boss?

Tuesday, 11 January, 2011

I love Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss. Ginger and Liz have been cracking me up with the 80s names of polishes. Goin’ Back to Cali and now Who’s The Boss? I’m having flashbacks of my youth! Did I just reveal how old I am to you whippersnappers?!

Yet another gorgeous purple that Ginger & Liz have knocked out of the ballpark! I’m so bad at application, but I love how even with my worst applications, Ginger & Liz still look halfway decent on me. This was an awesome plum shade that delivered.

I don’t know what’s happened in the past year and a half, but I’ve picked up some serious love for purple polishes. When they keep looking this good and with this kind of application, I’ll keep falling for them and buying them!

Formula for Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss was great – high gloss on the first and second coats that dried quickly in between. Opaque in two coats. Woo hoo!

Ginger & Liz Whos The Boss.

Ginger & Liz Whos The BossGinger & Liz Whos The Boss – Sunlight. I swear, I ruined the photos because of the cuticle oil. You can’t see the super high glossy shine of this color.

Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama

Wednesday, 5 January, 2011
Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama

Once again, Ginger & Liz totally make me have much love for them. Somehow, somewhere along the way the nail polish gods heard my pleas for colors that would look good on a brown girl like me…nearly all of the colors I have from G&L (save for one that was ok, but it wasn’t a disaster) have looked good enough when worn and have garnered some wonderful compliments.

The formula for Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama was a dream and the gloss was incredibly high and gorgeous…which I ruined the moment I did the cuticle oil.

Ginger & Liz Hold The Drama is truly the perfect purple I looked for in a creme that was close to eggplant but didn’t turn to a near black when dry. If you’re into purple polishes, this is one you shouldn’t pass up.

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Ginger & Liz – Take It or Leave It

Monday, 3 January, 2011

I’ll take it, thanks!

At first I was a bit disappointed at the color in the bottle because in the picture, it’s a great olive/khaki green. When I saw it in person it looked more grey…then I put it on.

It was a light first coat and I started to doubt it. However, it dried so quickly and had such a high gloss I was speechless. I did a second coat and it started to look more green than grey. Third coat was what it needed…and it was gorgeous. No bubbles and it was so fast in drying I was surprised. Again, G&L have out done themselves. I have yet to get a color from them where I am disappointed in the color or the formula.

See below for my pictures.

Ginger & Liz Goin’ Back to Cali

Thursday, 30 December, 2010

I am truly the biggest fangirl of Ginger & Liz. I know I don’t feature them that much in my blog, but in my heart this is my number one brand. If they had a huge collection, I’d be snapping up every color I could. As it stands, I tend to purchase G&L few and far between, but when I do I purchase it, it’s in a frenzy – usually 4+ bottles.

I’ve had my eye on their new colors for some time, but when I purchase I want to make sure it’s hefty, meaning I don’t want to go back time and again. I like doing things in one go, unless they’re Limited Editions. I didn’t get their LEs this time around, but I got 4 colors that moved me. This is just one of them…

I’m not a fan of neon anything. I think it’s to do with my bad 80s moment where I thought I was the shiz when I had my neon outfits. I cringe looking back at those photos and they’re buried deep in my huge embarrassment pile.

I got Goin’ Back To Cali for 2 reasons: 1) it came from one of my favorite 80s movie soundtrack – Less Than Zero and 2) It’s an LL Cool J song. I love LL Cool J. I fully admit to watching NCIS:LA because he’s eye candy…and he can act.

Anyway, Goin’ Back to Cali is a color that flashes a not so neon (but make no mistake, it’s still bright) pink in some light, while in others it appears orange. It threw my camera for a loop! You’ll see the difference in the shade and sunlight shots.

I wasn’t sure if GBTC was meant to have a wax finish, but it sure dried that way.

The formula was a dream and dried in record time.

Ginger & Liz Goin' Back to Cali

It’s looking a little pinky/orange in here…I like that it changes colors in different settings. I put a fast drying topcoat on the middle and ring ringer, leaving the pointer and pinkie bare. Not sure if you can see what I mean by the wax finish on the pointer and pinkie fingers – it looks a bit shiny, but not like the other 2 that have the high gloss top coat.

Ginger & Liz Goin' Back to Cali

Definitely looking more orange here.

drugstore polishes revlon

OPI, Ginger & Liz and Revlon – Damone Roberts 1968, Ivy League and Minted

Thursday, 2 September, 2010

I’ve been on a mint kick. Well, I was on a mint kick, but it happened at night. No, not candy. I’m talking nail polish.

I had finally scored Revlon’s Minted. I got a cute sample size of Ginger & Liz’s Ivy League. I have OPI’s Damone Roberts 1968. I wanted to wear them all, but knew I really couldn’t. I decided to put them all together for a comparison because those 3 were my newest mint greens. I wasn’t thinking…and realized it was night time, but eh. Sometimes the flash really does make the color stand out as well as flatter it, but it also has a tendency to drown the color/make it prettier than what it is.

Not in this case of the Mints! It showcased everything accurately.

OPI’s Damone Roberts was a bit thick, but it dried quickly.

Ginger & Liz looks bad because I wasn’t wearing my glasses on those 2 fingers. OOPS. The formula dried quick as well.

Revlon’s color had some serious cuticle pull. I was annoyed. Formula was runny and took a while to dry.

Last bit of Ginger & Liz stash – Boy Toy and Tough Luxe

Tuesday, 6 April, 2010

I’m showing the last 2 G&L colors I’ve got – Boy Toy and Tough Luxe. Hope you like them. 🙂

This color actually looked halfway decent on me given my skin tone and color. I found the application for a color like this unusually smoother and easier than colors of this type. Only 2 coats were needed and it wasn’t streaky. I do believe the brush helped with the overall application. What the pictures fail to show is the extremely faint shimmer that runs through this nail polish. That faint shimmer keeps the shade from being dull and lifeless.

I love this color – it’s a dusty grey with a golden shimmer. It looks impressive in the picture and it’s even more incredible in real life. This is one shad that does not fail.

Ginger & Liz – New Money and Chase Me

Monday, 29 March, 2010

Now, I really must apologize in advance for the bad manicure and nail polish application…I was sick last week and in my hazy moments I honestly thought the nails looked good…even when I was outside taking the pics! I was *still* convinced right up until about 15 minutes ago when I started cropping and watermarking the pictures. A million apologies.

One coat and it looks beautiful. However, it’s not glossy. I wondered if this was meant to be a Wax Coat and wasn’t labeled?

Views with and without top coat; 2 applications of the color.

How pretty does this look?!

Prettier and  more accurate view of the color without top coat in its semi-gloss/semi-matte state.

So I really shouldn’t be allowed to paint my nails while I’m sick and I am clearly not a leftie when it comes to being able to do things. 🙂 That said, isn’t this color just beautiful?!