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Sephora by OPI – Merry Me

Friday, 7 January, 2011

Is it Friday? Really? Where did this past week go?

I know this is a Christmas color – the name gives it away, but it doubles pretty darn good as a Valentine’s Day red, too.

I thought it was very pretty, despite the fact it is a glitter. I hated the removal. It took me a while…for some reason, this formula and the glitter were particularly stubborn. It took a while to dry in between coats – about 15 minutes. I did two coats because I was feeling particularly impatient. I even did two coats of a high gloss topcoat (Posche). The glitter beneath was still grainy and came through.

It’s a gorgeous red glitter.

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Femme Couture

Femme Couture – Ruby Slippers

Friday, 31 December, 2010

Happy New Year! 🙂 May 2011 be less stressful and more awesome than last year. If you make resolutions, I hope you stick to them.

That said…on to the color!

Every time I looked at this color, I kept saying, “Ruby Pumps, it’s Ruby Pumps!” It’s not. Ruby Pumps is a unique thing and this one tried to be similar to it, but it didn’t do so great.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty color, but in my heart Ruby Pumps will always be #1 for a glittery red.

However, as I’ve said it’s no RP, but it’s definitely a good Ruby Slippers…see below!

Notes on the formula – a bit on the runny side, but was easy to work with. Dried quickly.

Femme Couture

Femme Couture’s Red Caviar

Friday, 24 December, 2010

In the bottle, I honestly thought this would be another sister to OPI’s Tease-y Does It or Nubar’s Raspberry Truffle.

Color me 85 shades of wrong…but I don’t mind. How did I discover I was wrong? Why, I did a cray cray comparison, of course! See below for my insanity.

Formula was good – it dried quickly and was opaque in 2 coats despite my heavy handed tendencies.

So I left out OPI on the picture, but it’s there. FYI: Middle Finger = Nubar’s Raspberry Truffle, Ring Finger = OPI’s Tease-y Does It and Pointer and Pinkie finger = Femme Couture’s Red Caviar. RC has a very pretty subtle shimmer you can’t really see and it barely hints at a shimmer on my pointer finger.

Ah, now you can see the shimmer in the pointer finger, but it’s still incredibly subtle, isn’t it? RT and TDI are practically dupes! Just a reminder: Middle Finger = Nubar’s Raspberry Truffle, Ring Finger = OPI’s Tease-y Does It and Pointer and Pinkie finger = Femme Couture’s Red Caviar.

This Friday Red post is a lot more subdued than the others I’ve done, that’s for sure.

Femme Couture

Femme Couture – Shimmer Time

Friday, 17 December, 2010

I feel like crap. I have been feeling like this for the past 4 days. The past week of denial has finally caught up. “No, I’m not sick. It’s the sudden change in weather.” (that is true, though – when weather changes on me frequently I find myself feeling under the pun intended!)

I finally succumbed to the sickness on Monday. I told myself it was because I was exhausted and I needed sleep…and I slept. And slept. I crawled out of bed on Tuesday to get the things I needed to do done, like drive hubby to the train station and feed Rex Rex and kitty. I crawled out of bed on Wednesday to repeat Tuesday’s mistake. Thursday, I couldn’t even budge. I was in pain. Joints are aching.

Today is marginally better…better enough so that I can actually do my Friday Red Post and then crawl back under the covers for more sleep that is interrupted by this terrible cough.

If you see typos, don’t be a hater – keep in mind I’m sick and I’m not even going back to read what I’ve written.

Formula dried quickly and was opaque in 2 coats. A bit disappointed in this because the shimmer that was mega prevalent in the bottle barely showed at all on the nail.

Essie – Silken Cord

Friday, 10 December, 2010

I have this love/hate relationship with Essie. I either love the color and the formula or I hate the color and the formula.

This was no exception because it fell into the LOVE category. Ok, the color doesn’t rock it on me. But who the heck cares? It’s a freaking gorgeous color and I really wish that it could have looked better with my skin tone.

Twice as great was the formula. It wasn’t thin, it wasn’t runny. It was just right. I also dried in a good time – 5 minutes between each coat. I wanted to give this some leeway. Color was opaque in two medium coats.

Rescue Beauty Lounge and China Glaze – Sheer Red and Mrs. Claus

Friday, 3 December, 2010

It’s Friday Red! And the two reds I have chosen kind of rocks it.

I ordered Sheer Red by Rescue Beauty Lounge. I knew it was going to be sheer, but what I didn’t count on was exactly how sheer it would be. Not that that’s a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong. The formula for SR took a little longer to dry than I would have liked.

I thought the red was close to China Glaze’s Mrs. Claus, but without the glitter…I layered it over Sheer Red.

The base was similar that’s for sure. However, the base of MC is slightly more sheer than SR.

With my skin tone, SR ended up looking more pink on me. Not quite sure if I am liking the sheerness of it. This may be the one color by RBL that I’m not too fond of. 🙁

To see the enlarged original picture, click on the thumbnail and then click on the number in the phrase “Full size is blahblahblah x blahblahblah pixels.”

I like Mrs. Claus. The pink glitter shown isn’t looking as cool as it does in person. The pinkness doesn’t shine through. It’s really gorgeous in person.

Sunlight totally washed out the glitter, making it look silver. Very cool looking. I think I’d choose MC over SR for a holiday color.

Here is CG’s Mrs. Claus to refresh your memory.

Essie – Limited Addiction

Friday, 19 November, 2010

I haven’t worn red nail polish a lot in the past few years. I think it’s mostly because I wore it for 6 years straight. Loved red nail polish…no other color would do.

Then Chanel’s Rouge Noir (aka Vamp) came along, relegating all my reds to the end of the line.

Lately, I’ve been feeling the need for red again. Like I’m going to seriously binge on red nail polish until I feel I no longer need to wear it again.

That said, I’m wearing Essie’s Limited Addiction in these pictures. LA is part of Essie’s Winter/Holiday 2010 collection. *swoons* I loved how it looked on me – it was lovely and so seductive, but not in a trampy way! Application was flawless – dried quickly and was opaque in two coats, despite my heavy handed application. See for yourself!

OPI – Color So Hot It Berns

Friday, 5 November, 2010

This color is part of OPI’s Swiss Fall 2010 Collection.

I was a bit dubious when it came to this color, but I had such fond memories of Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Bangin’, I thought I’d slap this on my nails and see.

I’m also working on getting my left handed skills up and running again, so I’m going to start swatching with my right hand more often. Please be prepared for bad cuticles because I am very rough on my hands.

Formula was fast drying for this and frankly, the opaqueness really was wonderful. Two ultra thin coats was all it needed.

What I loved about this color is that it reminded me of old Hollywood Glamour. Would you agree?