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SpaRitual Spring 2010 – Believe Collection (Part I) and NFU Oh

Tuesday, 4 May, 2010

I purchased this collection two months ago and completely forgot about it. 🙁 Well, it was hidden…so out of sight, out of mind. I knew I had purchased it, but didn’t know where it had gone to. The room I share with the cat is where I also have my polish collection. I honestly thought the cat had done something to it. Turns out it was erstwhile hubby, moving things around while looking for a some random cord to connect something to his computer, but that’s another issue completely. I will say that he needs to join Cord Collectors Anonymous.

Anyway, I now present the first half of SpaRitual’s Spring 2010 collection called Believe. It came with these cute little charms with words and sayings on them like, “Wish”, “Believe” and “I Can”. You’ll even see a tag in one of my swatches!

I loved SpaRitual’s formula – it was even and smooth with a minimal chance of me messing it up – which I did. Can you spot the flaws on the application, aside from my obvious cuticle pull mishaps? 🙂 Formula was so easy to work with and it dried so fast I was a bit stunned. The brush on Spread Your Wings was a bit jacked – more bristles than the other bottles and at a strange 15 degree angle. I thought it was supposed to be like that until I noticed some bristles less than a millimeter longer than the rest in the bottle.

I split this collection into 2 – Part I is the ZOMG MUST SHOW YOU and Part II is I MUST SHOW YOU THESE LATER! In other words, the first part wowed me while the second part made me look and go, “Oh. ok. Not so bad.”

Enough of my nattering – here are the pics.

How gorgeous is this purple?! I love cremes and this purple creme makes my heart beat a little faster.

Despite the jacked up brush, this color really moved me. This is the shade of red that I love wearing. How can one NOT love wearing a color this luxurious?

Hello, green lover…*purrs* How beautiful is this? I didn’t have to do anything to this picture – just cropped it. The green looked exactly perfect and when I ran it through PhotoShop, it barely did anything to it to balance it out. When I had this one, this green shot straight to the #1 spot for my greens. IMO, this is the go to green for me. I used to dislike green polish, but the ones that have come out in the past couple of years have really made me change my mind.

Perfection in the sun, too.

Was playing about and put NFU Oh’s #51 on top. The sunlight washed it out, but it was a lovely combination. The NFU is lighter and what you can’t really is the dimensional depth the glitter added. I had a shade shot that was slightly blurry but even in that you couldn’t see the difference. You can really see it in person.

BB Couture Nail Polish nail polish swatch nail polish swatches Swatches

BB Couture – Peacock

Friday, 30 April, 2010

This yellow reminds me of a school bus. It looked so different in the bottle that I was tempted into buying it…and was horribly let down. It’s not the fault of the polish – it’s me and my yellow/orange skin tone. It looks perfectly fine on Playing With Polish‘s blog . It looks fabulous on her. I saw her swatch on her blog yesterday and remembered I had swatched this color last week, but still had to get around to uploading it.  Here it is.

Notes on the forumula: in better hands it would’ve actually performed much better. I was in a rush because the sun was out and I wanted to get swatches in before cloud cover and rain fell on my polish swatching parade. Haha. It dried quickly and easily which is always a bonus.

Essie Nail Polish nail polish swatch nail polish swatches Swatches

Essie – Resort Collection, Summer 2010

Thursday, 29 April, 2010

The collection overall wasn’t so bad. Formula was hit and miss  and a bit too runny and thin. Because of that, it really shows in the swatches below. Please don’t laugh at the visible nail lines. I loved the colors and the preview swatch looks so much prettier than the actual colors look on me.

Essie’s Summer 2010 Collection

Looks pretty and enticing, right?

Look at the reality below.

Sunlight washed this color out, but I felt it was the prettiest of the lot…It did remind me of their blue collection from last summer.

A pretty pink that works for me, but pink isn’t my color.

It looked like a grey in the bottle, but it ended up being a bit of a dull, lifeless beige on me. 🙁

A pretty sea foam green.

Butter Nail Polish nail polish swatch nail polish swatches Swatches

For Hubby – Butter's British Racing Green

Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

A lot of the time, my husband misses life in the UK – the politics, the food, the beer, his family…Well, maybe sometimes not his family. 😉 Anyway, Butter came up with a color that was the standard for Britain’s racing cars and was called aptly enough, British Racing Green which was/is a dark green that wasn’t quite forest, but was dignified and very pretty.

Butter London (oddly enough, it’s an American company!) came up with their version of it and called it…British Racing Green. It’s sexier, sleeker and one I’d gladly sport on my nails when I want a sexy green.

Even better news? Butter’s Three Free and claims they are vegan! 🙂 Just a small note – Butter doesn’t even smell like nail polish. It’s not harsh or overbearing.

Deceptive…yet lovely! Looks like another green polish here.

Then hello sunlight! Look at that subtle silvery/pearlescent-ish shimmer that runs through it and keeps it from being like the others!

Nail Polish nail polish swatch nail polish swatches Swatches

BB Couture – Caterpillar

Monday, 26 April, 2010

I’m posting more green and will try to keep it (mostly) green for my little Earth Week celebration. BB Couture is three free – yay! 🙂

Their formula was a tad bit runny, but I didn’t mind because it was extremely easy to work with. It dried quickly and only required two very light coats. I found that all their polishes are like that – except for one color and you will see that in the upcoming swatches. Other than that, I have no complaints on application. Thumbs up from me.

How pretty is this color?! This really is different from other greens that I have in my collection and I am really loving it.

Nail Polish nail polish swatch nail polish swatches StrangeBeautiful StrangeBeautiful Volume I

Earth Day – 2 Greens – StrangeBeautiful and Rescue Beauty Lounge

Thursday, 22 April, 2010

Yes, I have fallen prey to the Earth Day thing…but maybe it’s because I was born in raised in the Bay Area and we take our Earth Day seriously, as does the rest of California and parts of the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.

I am showing you two greens – the first is from the StrangeBeautiful Collection Volume I. That was sent to me by my very awesome friend Kelly. Thank you! When we’re in Vegas I definitely owe you several drinks. 🙂 The green from the StrangeBeautiful collection didn’t have a name so I generically called it…green. Hah. Good thing no one’s ever asked me to name a nail polish or anything. The other is a Rescue Beauty Lounge green called Recycle. C’est très à propos, n’est-ce pas? Oui!

These two colors are 3 free and vegan. Rock on!

Finally, kudos to Zoya for re-instating (however brief it is) their nail polish exchange from April 22, 2010 – June 30, 2010. Take advantage of it! Get rid of your old bottles of polish (except those that fall under the Zoya umbrella!) and Zoya will exchange it for a color of your choice from any of their collections. How freakin’ awesome is that? If you haven’t used Zoya before, I suggest you give this promo a shot – it’s well worth it. I’d suggest going for Ivanka – it’s green, shiny and sparkly which is perfect for your toes or your tips.

Go green, Happy Earth Day, Love Your Mother and all that.

This polish went on like a DREAM. No problems whatsoever in application – 2 extremely light coats. I could’ve actually gotten away with a single coat. It dried quickly, too! I spent about 5 minutes between each coat and each of them dried completely. How awesome is that for girls on the go?

A gorgeous green that really defies most greens for me. The color was awesome, but the formula was a lot easier than my previous bottles of RBL. 2 coats – completely opaque!