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MAC Cosmetics nail polish swatch

MAC MAC Cosmetics nail polish swatch Nail Polish nail polish swatch nail polish swatches

MAC – Wham, Bam, Glam

Monday, 10 May, 2010

Let me preface this with one simple statement: I LOVE THIS COLOR.

Application was like any other matte for me – moody and pissy. I can never get them to look nice and even, as you’ll see from application pics with the brush strokes so evident on the nail. This color rocked it matte, but when I put on a shiny top coat? Swoonworthy. Seriously. It’s love. I have this fondness for mushroomy/taupe-y colors.

This isn’t quite like the traditional mattes I’ve been seeing out there – it’s a bit like a Ginger & Liz when this dried…more like the finish of a candle than a flat, dull matte.

Small note: I really am not a left handed person and I need to stop trying to paint colors on my right hand. Please excuse the fountain pen ink on my hand – my pen exploded because I dropped it and I thought I had cleaned it off pretty well. Clearly I didn’t.

Lamer excuses out of the way, in comes the pictures.

See? It’s pretty matte…

But it’s even prettier with a top coat, don’t you think?

MAC MAC Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics nail polish swatch StrangeBeautiful StrangeBeautiful Volume I Swatches

StrangeBeautiful, Volume I – Olive Green, MAC Dry Martini

Friday, 7 May, 2010

Since StrangeBeautiful doesn’t name their colors and this is part of their Vol I collection, I gave it the generic name of Olive Green. Khaki wasn’t quite the right one. This reminded me of MAC’s Dry Martini, which I’ve also included in this post. Killing two birds with one stone.

MAC’s formula dried quickly and was not opaque on the first coat. With the initial application it was kind of gross – it looked like…well, poo. I’ll stop right there and let your imagination fly.

Once again, SB’s formula is superb – flawless application, fast drying and opaque when it should be. Strange Beautiful would be my favorite brand, but the fact that they’re limited editions and don’t come out with nearly enough colors to appease me bumps them to the bottom part of my top 7 fave brands.

Enough of the rambling, on to the polish!

Oddly enough, this color looked fabulous on me!

This was a gorgeous color and I really liked seeing it on me. I didn’t put a top coat on this because I forgot to. I had been in a rush. Oops. Sorry it’s not as shiny and perty as it could be!

MAC Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics nail polish swatch Nail Polish nail polish swatch nail polish swatches

MAC Cosmetics – Blue India

Monday, 22 March, 2010

UPDATE: When I woke up this morning, I noticed a chip on my middle finger. 🙁 I started sporting this color on Saturday…so that’s less than 48 hours and it’s already chipped. I blame the top coat which was used – Seche Vite. I know some other bloggers love it, I am not a fan. I prefer Poshe and will be going back to that. Was hoping to see how long it would be before this color chipped. Well, now I know. Bummer. Was hoping to change polishes on Tuesday. Looks like I’ll have to do it today. Hm…Ginger & Liz’s New Money has been calling me for the past few days so maybe it’s a good thing. 😉

I was seriously excited about this color…and it didn’t disappoint. Love that it’s a gorgeous blue gray. I love the packaging as well. All the necessary shots are in here!

How gorgeous is this color? I’m going to try and wear this until it chips so we can see how good the formula is. 🙂 It’s not quite blue, it’s not quite grey, it reminds you of teal…but overall this color is just so pretty I can’t stop staring at it!

Here are some other pictures I took…I just noticed that I didn’t include one of the actual polish in the box – I was that excited.

The inside of the box is so cute.

Just a note – Liberty of London teamed up with MAC to create a make-up line that brings the brand’s prints and colors to your face and nails! Also, you can find Liberty of London at Target. Check it out…I think I’ve fallen in love. According to All Lacquered Up, the unusual packaging is “based on William Morris’s Strawberry Thief print from 1883…” Whatever the history and whatever their reasons for choosing this packaging is quite all right by me!

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MAC Cosmetics, Fall 2009 – Beyond Jealous nail polish swatch

Tuesday, 23 February, 2010

Yea, this was lovely. Indoors I was having a flashback to OPI’s Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow but I was wrong.

This polish is really, really pretty. Added bonus? It’s a creme! No shimmer, no glitter…just a pure, gorgeous green creme with wonderful application.

I thought that OPI had nailed a great dark green with HT…AT, but this…wow. This moved that right out of my way. I love how in the sun it looks almost like a grey-green thanks to a tiny dose of blue.