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Sunday Post

Sunday, 22 May, 2011

I had to share this picture. If you don’t follow me on Facebook you have missed this gem. It was taken at my parents’ house. I had just made a late brunch – poached eggs, toast, bacon and pan fried potatoes. We were sitting at the couch watching a spot of telly. I put my plate down and felt like I was being watched…I was! Click the picture to get the full size image.

All you see in the foreground is food…and then you see puppy spy. Such a cute little guy. He hates it when he can’t see food. LOL He hates it even more when you’re eating and he wants some. The joys of owning a dog like this – they’re perpetually hungry, but don’t fall for the big sad eyes.

He is freshly shaved, in anticipation for the summer! How adorable does he look? He almost looks puppy-ish again, but the big ole head is a dead giveaway.

Cavalier King Charles Dog Pets

Another Dog Day For Rex

Wednesday, 5 January, 2011

I think I’ve been bombarding the blog lately with animal posts in addition to nail polish, but I can’t help it.

Today I gave Rex a bath. I try to give him a bath and clean his ears out once a week because he’s a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As with most spaniels and dogs of his ilk, they have tendencies to have things go wrong in their ears if you don’t take care of them. Rex is no exception. So I like to nip it in the bud.

Rex always needs a bath once a week because if he doesn’t he’s no longer adorable ruff ruff Rex. He’s Stinkasaurus Rex. He brings the funk and not in a good way.

Rex says, “Your depraved indifference to my suffering shows. You take photos of me when I am cold, wet and hungry.”

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