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July 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge

Rescue Beauty Lounge – Bruised

Wednesday, 21 July, 2010

I love this color from RBL – I actually do wear it a bit. It’s dark enough but still respectable for people who work in a conservative environment.

It’s a gorgeous creme, but I do admit the drying time was a bit longer than what I wanted it to be. However, it had a lovely high gloss finish and putting a top coat on was merely gilding the lily.

This swatch was a 2 coater – lovely and opaque from the first stroke. *sighs*


NFU Oh #60

Tuesday, 20 July, 2010

Ok, I can’t believe that I haven’t put this up yet!

While this has a black jelly base, the glitter has some wonderful play that couldn’t be captured…but if you ever do decide to get this you will definitely NOT be let down.

You can click the thumbnail for a bigger picture, which in turn will take you to a slightly bigger version. If you click on the slightly bigger version, it will take you to the original size of the photo which is pretty darn hyoooooge. The disadvantage to that you will see my bad cuticles. 🙁

While you can’t see it, there is some wonderful green, blue, gold and orange play in the glitter. You can see the green and blue at the base of the bottle in the shade shot. Then on my nails in the picture above, you see the gold and orange come into play.

The sun washed out the shot…rather, the angle of which I let the sun hit my nails washed it out. I had a very blurry one that showed the colors in all their glory. I should’ve kept that one. Grrr…

NFU Oh Swatches

NFU Oh #49

Monday, 19 July, 2010

I was going through my nail polish folders and … LOOK WHAT I FOUND! I honestly can’t believe I forgot I had swatched these back in March! Hello. What does that mean for you? It means another NFU Oh post after this – I promise you’re gonna love it! – and the rest of the week will be Rescue Beauty Lounge. 😀

It’s a faint peach base with thick salmon colored glitter…gorgeous. While you can wear it alone, it is definitely meant to be worn over dark colors. I wore it alone. Eventually I’ll put it over a dark color so you can see.

In the meantime, #49 in all its single glory. This dried quickly enough and I did 4 coats because I thought it would go on darker. Haha.

This vaguely reminded me of Nubar’s 2010 and Hidden Treasure, but only in terms of the glitter part.

See the pretty greenish/yellow reflection in the bottle? It’s not showing up on my nails but…hot damn is this one bangin’ color! If you can’t get your hands on Hidden Treasure or Nubar’s 2010, this makes up for it. While it’s not in a pale milky base like the other 2, this base is sheer enough (imo) for it to not make a discernible difference.


Out of commission again…

Sunday, 18 July, 2010

Going to be out of commission for the next 2 weeks (no internet) BUT I am hoping that WordPress gets this right – I’ve got posts set to go up every day this coming week and the following week, Monday through Friday.

Go go WordPress…please don’t let me down. 🙂

I will have my iPad with me and hopefully I’ll be able to approve comments.


Essie – Demure Vixen

Friday, 16 July, 2010

A nail polish fairy sent this to me the other day and I swooned…I haven’t been able to get my hands on Chanel’s Paradoxal and I know there is a huge difference between the two, but I was honestly hoping that this would kill any lemming moments I would have for Chanel. It didn’t. I am hoping that the nail polish fairy gods will hear my cry for Chanel Paradoxal soon…but I digress…

Demure Vixen is definitely demure, but in my opinion, no vixen. To me, vixen implies a steely sexy edge…this color doesn’t have it. This is one of those colors that I would call a lovely safe shade for work.

See below to understand what I mean.

Don’t get me wrong…this is a lovely shade. I adore this shade – it’s the lighter sister of  Sephora by OPI (aka $OPI)’s  Call Your Mother with a violet shimmer through it. This color was almost a sheer. This was it after three coats. As always, Essie’s formula was like butta!

China Glaze china glaze nail polish swatches

China Glaze – Sex On The Beach

Thursday, 15 July, 2010

This swatch is for a reader who wanted me to do more sheers…so I’m starting now. 😀

I’ve had this color for ages and was never really motivated to try it. I thought it looked beautiful in the bottle but was worried it wouldn’t translate well into real life. I hate it when a polish does that and it so often happens with shades like these once on me.

This wasn’t a huge disappointment, but it did transfer almost perfectly – it’s a peach shimmer with a lovely gold undertone. Unfortunately, the shade is a bit too warm for me. 🙁

It’s a gorgeous color nonetheless – see below.

It looks so ho-hum boring in the shade, doesn’t it?

Sunlight brought this baby to life, showing flashes of peach, pink and gold shimmer. It’s very pretty, n’est-ce pas? I know I don’t have a color similar or even remotely close to this, so even though it’s a bit on the warm side for my skin I’m going to keep this!

China Glaze china glaze nail polish swatches

China Glaze – Paper Chasing

Wednesday, 14 July, 2010

This is a lovely green shimmer and it went on completely opaque for me – two thin coats were needed and the drying time was a breeeeze! To me, this is almost a kelly green, don’t you think?

Part of the 2009 summer collection called Kicks (I have Custom Kicks somewhere here…either in CA or AZ), I only purchased 2 colors because I’m not a neon fan and I felt this wasn’t worth the effort for me to swatch…sorry for the neon lovers out there.

It’s a fun summer color, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, it’s not a color for me.


Chanel – Pirate

Tuesday, 13 July, 2010

This was found in my box of “Bathroom Junk” where I had also found Violette. I am doing my best to refrain from doing any pirate jokes. The name alone…really, I’m trying.

I shall focus on what a gorgeous red this is, even though it was a little hard to handle. It didn’t bubble like Violette (thank the heavens!) and it definitely dried faster as well. Unfortunately the color of the nail swatch you will see below has FOUR, yep 4, coats to achieve the color that matched the bottle. They were thin coats albeit because I was worried it was like Violette. No bubbles. Well, there were marginal bubbles, but not as bad as it could’ve been.

This is a gorgeous color, but I am sure there are dupes out there. It’s in my top 10 for favorite reds.